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1.4 Billion


what we do

At Astron Connect, we are a team of business professionals experienced in handling logistics, distribution, marketing, sales, and the legal documentation of importing Canadian food and beverage, skin care, supplements, and agricultural products to China.

With the speed at which modern technology is growing and evolving, our marketing and IT team are at the forefront of implementing effective social media and content marketing strategy using our own e-commerce platform.


Coupled with a solid distribution channel in all major cities and an established online presence, we are well-equipped to represent your products in a competitive market.

why us


As a Canadian public company, Astron Connect's resources and transactions are all transparent to its shareholders and the general public. Our decisions and actions are governed by a team of capable and experienced leaders who have earned stellar reputation in the business community here and abroad.


We believe in fostering a long term relationship with our partners. Creating value that goes beyond the short term economic benefits strengthens our core function and opens us up for  new ventures as business trends evolve and needs change.

We pride ourselves to be an agile organization: we are not afraid to renew ourselves, adapt, change quickly in order to succeed in a rapidly changing, ambiguous, turbulent environment. If you have a new idea, new product, a new venture, let's grow together!

we'd like to

hear from you

Whether you're an established brand, new brand, large corporation, or startup, we have a solution that will suit your need. You'll find our flexibility easy to work with. Our network, distribution channels, and marketing team are ready to carve out a market for you. 


Canadian food,

supplements, and skin care manufacturers enjoy strong reputations around the globe, especially in China. The Canadian flag or red maple leaf icon on a product is recognized as a symbol of 

quality assurance.

brand creator

Canadian brands are a sought after commodity in China, ranging from human to pet food. As a Canadian public company, we lend tremendous credibility to established and new brands alike, backed by our strong distribution network and  marketing skills.



"China has become the third-largest destination for agricultural products worldwide and is expected to become the world’s largest agricultural importer by 2020. China will be crucial to Canada’s economic future over the next 50 years." CAFTA

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