corporate profile

Astron Connect Inc. (TSXV:AST.V) focuses on food, health food, and beverage products. It seeks to connect Canadian producers to buyers in an emerging China market with over 1.4 billion consumers. In the past year, our product distribution expanded beyond China into other Asia Pacific countries, New Zealand, and Africa. 

On the distribution side, we have established strategic alliances to create a quicker path to growth. We actively seek to align with companies that have complementary services to those of Astron Connect in order to strengthen our presence in those countries. Those relationships are mutually beneficial and drive growth for both organizations. In order to achieve shared risk, increase speed to market, gain access to markets and resources, and attain economies of scale, we have set up multiple channels of distribution through chain stores, wholesalers, and importers.


As the digital marketing evolves at neck-breaking speed, one of Astron Connect's subsidiaries has developed its own e-commerce platform to ensure agility and speed of adapting to the changing trend and customer needs. Our marketing partners are some of the top agencies specializing in social media marketing. We use "branded content", which connects with consumers in real time to forge relationships directly with consumers, to "pull" consumers in instead of the traditional "push" marketing style. The trend is moving into another direction: the rise of "Crowdculture."And we are well-equipped for emerging trends. 

Ultimately, our goal is to capitalized on the benefits mentioned above to allow all supply chain partners to expand their product offerings and market share. For our Canadian suppliers, they are able to achieve this without the risk of entering into unfamiliar business areas by themselves. Astron Connect provides market intelligence, logistics, marketing, and distribution services to help make Asian market more accessible to Canadian companies.